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    China Mobile Payment Industry Report, 2010-2011

    • 【報告名稱】:China Mobile Payment Industry Report, 2010-2011
    • 【關 鍵 字】: China Mobile Payment
    • 【交付方式】:電子版、印刷版、電子版+印刷版
    • 【價 格 】:電子版:¥2000元 印刷版:¥2000元 電子版+印刷版:¥2500元
    • 【訂購電話】:全國統一客服務熱線:400-666-8495(免長話費) 010-51667252

          1. Overview of Mobile Payment
    1.1 Definition and Classification
    1.2 Technical Standards
    1.2.1 NFC
    1.2.2 SIMpass
    1.2.3 RF-SIM
    1.2.4 NFC Becomes Technical Standard of Mobile Payment

    2 China Mobile Payment Market Size and Current Development
    2.1 Market Size 
    2.2 2011-The First Year of Rapid Progress in China's Mobile Payment Market
    2.2.1 Completion of Draft on Mobile Payment Standards
    2.2.2 Establishment of Mobile Payment Industry Alliance
    2.2.3 Release of NFC Mobile Terminal
    2.2.4 Top Concern about Mobile Payment Security

    3 China Mobile Payment Business Model
    3.1 Initial Stage 
    3.2 Fadeout of 2.4GHz
    3.3 The Existing Business Models

    4 Mobile Payment Industry Chain
    4.1 Industry Chain
    4.2 Mobile Payment Business of Mobile Operators
    4.2.1 China Mobile
    4.2.2 China Unicom
    4.2.3 China Telecom
    4.3 Mobile Payment Business of UnionPay and Financial Institutions
    4.4 Operators of Third-party Payment Platform
    4.5 System Service Providers of Mobile Payment Business
    4.5.1 Hi Sun (00818.HK)
    4.5.2 UMPay 
    4.5.3 Talkweb Information System

    5 Enterprises
    5.1 Chip Manufacturers
    5.1.1 Fudan Microelectronics (8201.HK)
    5.1.2 Others
    5.2 Card Manufacturers
    5.2.1 Hengbao (002104)
    5.2.2 Watchdata
    5.2.3 Eastcompeace
    5.2.4 Shanghai COS Software Co., Ltd
    5.2.5 Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co., Ltd. (Tianyu) (300205)
    5.2.6 Shenzhen Netcom Electronics Co., Ltd.
    5.2.7 Hanyin Technology
    5.2.8 Westone (002268)
    5.3 Card Packaging Manufacturers
    5.3.1 Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (JCET)
    5.3.2 Fujitsu Microelectronics
    5.4 Read-write Device Manufacturers
    5.4.1 Nantian Information
    5.4.2 ZhengTong Electronics
    5.4.3 Newland Group

    Selected Charts
    Internal Structure of NFC Mobile Phones
    Technical Diagram of Simpass
    Comparison of Mainstream Mobile Payment Technologies
    User Quantity and Penetration Rate of Chinese Mobile Payment Market, 2009-2012E
    Chinese Mobile Payment Market Size
    Transaction Scale of Chinese Mobile Payment Market, 2009-2012E
    Business Models in China Mobile Payment Industry before 2010
    Main Reasons for the Abandonment of 2.4GHz Solution by China Mobile 
    Parallel Mode of Mobile Payment Industry
    Integration Model of Mobile Payment Industry
    Mainstream Mobile Payment Solutions and Dominant Institutions in China
    Mobile Payment Industry Chain in China
    Mobile Payment Solutions of China Unicom
    The First-group Enterprises with Third-party Payment License
    Qualified Mobile Payment Business Operators of Third-Party Payment Platform
    Revenue and Proportion from Mobile Payment Business of Hi Sun, 2009-2010
    Revenue and Net Income from Mobile Payment Business of Talkweb Information System, 2010-2012E
    Operating Income and Gross Margin of Hengbao by Product, 2010

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